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Comayagua Colonial

Comayagua is the capital of department of the same name, and is located in the center of Honduras, 2,000 feet above sea level. South of Comayagua is Tegucigalpa (82 kms) and 140 km to the north is the city of San Pedro Sula. The name of Comayagua is derived from the indigenous lenca language  and means “Moor of abundant water”. The city was founded on the 8th of December in 1537 with the name Santa Maria de Comayagua by the Spanish Captain Alonso de Caceres, obeying the orders of Francisco de Montejo  then governor of Yucatan. Later the name was changerd to Conception of Comayagua according a report emitted the 13th of September of 1543 the city was know as Villa de Valladolid. From 1540 Comayagua was the capital of the province of Honduras, which was part of the Kingdom of Guatemala within the viceroyalty of New Spain. Later it was capitol of the Intendancy of Comayagua and 1821 independence from Spain the city continued as the capital of the state of Honduras in the Federal Republic of Central America.

After Honduras became an independent Republic, Comayagua was the alternating capital with Tegucigalpa, until 1880 during the government of Marco Aurelio Soto, when Tegucigalpa became the only capital.

Today Comayagua is easily accessibly city, the main highway of the country is located on the one side of the city which connects it to the cities of Tegucigalpa.
Situated in the center of a wide valley surrounded by majestic mountains, Comayagua offers a warm climate which cools off  in the evenigs.

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The confort in the City in the heart of Central America
Commerce Street in front Shopping area Andara Flores, Comayagua, Honduras.

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